ANT comunicación visual.mdp _ Showreel 2017 from Damián Pissarra on Vimeo.

ANT comunicación visual.mdp – ShowReel 2017

Editing: Damian Pissarra
Music by Professor Kliq  “Work At Night”

DAMIAN PISSARRA (ANT comunicacion visual.mdp)

Art is a constant learning through experimentation and play, it gives you the opportunity to be curious; Your task is to present a personalized view (each artist and each piece) of the world around us.

I count on a knowledge base in audiovisual and multimedia, but most of my work is based on the experience gained creating work, in that playful exercise taking the tools and experience all that “I’m capable to do “. I love working on many questions: sexuality, political issues, power, protest something, the way I see the human being, fighting for the women rights, show how we are devouring the world.

I like to express myself and explain my view of the world and therefore to translate it in video, photography, design, performance, installation, illustration / digital art, etc.. I think Art talked about everything, what changes is how we show what its related to us or how we express it in different ways. Customize it.

ANT comunicación visual.mdp – ShowReel 2017

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