Trailer – Project Presentation
Post-duction / Editing
Barcelona 2012

Trailer – Presentación del Proyecto
Post-producción / Edición
barcelona 2012



On this unique international compilation of limited edition of 100 original CDs, about 10 musicians and sound artists present an exclusive track based on sound samples of Bohemian glass manufacture.
The idea of offering this specific sound database to other creative musicians has grown into an original full-length compilation album and you can look forward to a vivid mixture of artists from Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Poland and even Ireland, who share the passion for unconventional sound material.

We are proud to confirm that album GLASS IS NOT THAT features the following artists:
word-wide acknowledged sound-artist FRANCISCO LOPEZ, Berlin glitch-hop minimal PHON.O, czech legend of nihilist hiphop poetry WWW, electro hyped MIDI LIDI, redneck freak art-provocators I LOVE 69 POPGEJU, czech sound-artist STANISLAV ABRAHAM from project Data-live/ACUO, electro-acoustic sound painter SLAVEK KWI, grrrlz synth riot MY NAME IS ANN!, polish experimental hiphop NAPSZYKLAT, activist and musician DANIEL VLČEK from Gumaguar/Reverend Dick, …

Field recordings were collected during the realisation of the project Glass Run Over a Broken Bath in the region of Northern Czech Republic (Jablonec, Nový Bor) – the heart of Bohemian glass tradition, which is currently facing issues such as the maintenance of local production in a global world.

Glass is not that [trailer - Project Presentation]

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